Africa Destinations | Botswana​

Key Points for Planners

  • Botswana makes a perfect combines program with South Africa
  • Non-stop flights from Johannesburg to Botswana operate daily


Botswana is the land of the famous Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, and the Kalahari Desert. Travelers come here to experience true, unsullied nature throughout its wide-open and remote lands.

Botswana’s Chobe National Park, a mass of gleaming lagoons and channels in the Okavango Delta, is a magical place teeming with prolific birds and wildlife. The park, a protected game reserve since 1961, is among the biggest and most abundant natural parks in the world.

Key Locations

  • Chobe National Park
  • Okavango Delta
Large herds of elephants and magnificent Cape buffalo converge along the Chobe River’s banks in the dry months. All year round, lion, zebra, impala, baboon, hyena, blue wildebeest, kudu, giraffe, warthog, and vervet monkeys can be spotted in the park. The river is a hotspot for hippo and crocodile. Whether you view animals from a traditional Land Rover or a riverboat, the experience of visiting their home—not seeing them in a zoo—is wonderful and awe-inspiring.
Any adrenaline junkies in your group will enjoy exploring the Gewihaba Caverns, which are located among the vast sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert. If you time your journey just right (between December and April), your guests can see one of the most spectacular phenomenons of Mother Nature—the zebra migration. It is a heart-pounding and unforgettable sight. Then there is Lake Ngami, famous as one of the most mysterious lakes on the planet.
Shortly after its discovery by the famous Dr. Livingstone in 1849, the lake disappeared, only to reappear at the end of the 19th century. The lake, home to all kinds of amazing birds—ibises, pelicans, flamingos, eagles, kingfishers and storks—continues to disappear and reappear. Aside from this rather mercurial lake, Botswana is a stable and welcoming country, well-versed in group, incentive, and luxury travel experiences. Its charms are unique and not-to-be missed!

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