Asia Destinations | Cambodia​​

Key Points for Planners

  • English and French are widely spoken in Cambodia
  • Four Major Airports for easy access
  • Iconic Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor in Siem Reap dates back to the colonial era
  • New luxury hotels and resorts include Orient Express Group’s La Residence d’Angkor


Cambodia is the sort of destination that inspires a wide-eyed response—so much so that it’s earned the title, “The Kingdom Of Wonder.” Positioned in a spectacular spot on the proverbial road less traveled, Cambodia is nestled between mountain ranges and vast waterways in mainland Southeast Asia. Pristine natural beauty is abundant everywhere in Cambodia; especially prized are its serene rainforests and the country’s 275 miles of unspoiled coastal beaches.

Key Locations

  • Siem Reap/Angkor Wat
  • Phnom Penh
  • Sihanoukville
Wonder of wonders is Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s magnificent 12-century temple in Siem Reap. One of the largest religious monuments in the world, the 400-acre temple site is set within a moat and features a complex of ancient temples and ornate carvings. Cambodia’s rich culture is embodied in its ancient past and its more recent 100-years living under French colonial rule. Both periods of the country’s history provide a diverse and interesting array of sights and experiences.
Traditional dances may today be performed to symphonies or, more simply, to the tune of bamboo flutes and Khmer symbols. In its sophisticated capital, Phnom Penh, broad boulevards are lined with magnificent examples of French colonial architecture that are curiously adorned with native Cambodian design features. Sophisticated dining has arrived in Cambodia. A wide range of dining options are available to suit every taste in its modern cities.
Authentic Cambodian dishes offer a harmonious and appealing blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors and excellent seafood is a hallmark of local cuisine. Recent investment in tourism and infrastructure have fueled rapid growth in Cambodia and a good number of fine hotels, modern meeting facilities, and luxury resorts have recently been built that are suitable for incentive and group events. This a rewarding and wonder-filled place to hold group events of all sizes.

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