Europe Destinations | Hungary

Key Points for Planners

  • 50 airlines fly into Budapest from 70+ countries
  • Hungary is climbing as a MICE destination
  • Great hotel variety and quality


Hungary is a small country with a big story. More than 1,000 years of wars, great battles, kings, and history-making events created a treasure trove of diverse interests and rich culture on both sides of the storied River Danube. Architecture is particularly alluring in Hungary due to the many occupying forces that built fortresses, towns, and churches. Interesting sights run the gamut from Roman ruins and medieval castles to baroque churches and neoclassical homes.

Key Locations

  • Budapest
  • Danube Bend
  • Puszta
  • Lake Balaton
Culture in Hungary is deep and varied. The country’s oft-changing borders contributed to a rich artistic heritage built on the European arts, but with an injection of its own distinctive style and character. Outside of the cultured capital cities, old folk heritage still flourishes throughout Hungary’s small villages and tight-knit communities. In addition to experiencing its beautiful country and culture,
Hungary invites you to relax in one (or many) of its naturally occurring hot springs. With more than 150 spas and bathhouses dotted throughout the country, the opportunity to enjoy a thermal bath experience is always an option. Hungary appeals to every taste and taste bud. Traditional dishes—like chicken paprikash, goulash, and spaetzle—are often served in a “pince,” which is a Hungarian’s version of a local pub.
In addition to its traditional home-style comfort foods, Hungary’s emerging food scene offers everything from vegan restaurants to Michelin-starred gastro-powerhouses. And it’s fun to cap off any meal with the country’s famous fruit brandy, Palinka. Take it from us, your attendees will love the variety here. (No one will go hungry.)

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