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Would you believe there are still undiscovered destinations in the center of Europe? Baltic starlet Lithuania is among them and it sits center stage. Other nations have laid claim to the title “Center of Europe,” but science confirms that the Lithuanian village of Purnuškės is dead center. An official monument marks the spot. We guess that settles it, then!

Key Locations

  • Vilnius
  • Curonian Spit
Lithuania was once the largest country in Europe. The historic core of Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, holds Europe’s largest historic medieval old towns and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city has a bountiful blend of architecture styles on display from baroque, gothic, and Renaissance to modern-era Russian-style. Beyond the museum-quality historical sites are lively pubs, posh restaurants, and delightful hidden terraces with coffee bars and shops.
The countryside is unspoiled and covered by forests. Five national parks testify to Lithuanian’s love of nature. Its greatest natural wonder is the 61-mile-long Curonian Spit–massive, drifting sand dunes that are the highest moving sand dunes in Europe. Despite the presence of so much undiscovered ancient history, Lithuania is a modern technology country. In fact, they’ve got the fastest internet upload speeds in the world and more broadband capacity than anywhere else in Europe.
Arts and culture are a particular interest in a country this unexplored. The National Museum of Art is a treat for modern art lovers who will enjoy its collection of current works by Lithuanian artists. Lithuanians have a quirky bent, best evidenced by the bust of Frank Zappa, an idiosyncratic American musician, that stands on display in Vilnius. Why? Frank Zappa is a “symbol of freedom to mark the end of communism, but at the same time his spirit expresses that it wasn’t always doom and gloom.” That’s the Lithuanian attitude in a nutshell.

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