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Key Points for Planners

  • Easy reach and easy access
  • First-class, modern infrastructure
  • Abundant modern, luxury, branded hotels, conference centers, and event venues


Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. If you think that sounds like a place with high-standards in luxury and taste, you’re right. Luxembourg is a royal duchess right down to the fairytale quality of her historic city center, but she’s also a gracious host and profoundly down-to-earth.

Luxembourg’s central European location has brought diversity; more than one third of the local population holds a foreign passport.

Key Locations

  • Luxembourg City
This mixture of nationalities and cultures results in a colorful cultural palette heard on the street in a cacophony of languages, tasted in its cuisine, seen in the arts, and felt in local sport and activity. To say this is a foodie destination is no overstatement. Connoisseurs take note: Luxembourg has more Michelin stars, per capita, than any other country in the world. Expect a bountiful plate of fresh, local produce because Luxembourg insists on sustainability and organic quality.
Fine dining is found in a range of settings—from traditional inns and brasseries to the white linen tables of Michelin-starred restaurants. There’s plenty to see and do in this condensed country. Innumerable museums, squares, and UNESCO World Heritage sites offer an enticing range of options to explore. Beyond the city core, there are beautiful forests, mountains, medieval castles, and enchanting villages to discover. Luxembourg is among the safest capital cities in the world and also one of the world’s most relaxed.
Safe and relaxed. Two of the most important things event planners look for in the ideal event location. But wait! There’s more: Luxembourg cherishes its natural resources—from its Moselle Valley vineyards to the rocky terrain of the Ardennes and “Little Switzerland,” Luxembourg is swathed in nature’s finest. For those who want to partake of hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities, Luxembourg delivers.

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