Europe Destinations | The Netherlands

Key Points for Planners

  • Easy access from North America
  • Great infrastructure
  • Good selection in quality hotel properties
  • Excellent transportation system

The Netherlands

Innovation and tradition intertwine in the Netherlands. Groundbreaking architecture, leading edge design, and phenomenal nightlife coexist with artistic masterpieces, windmills, tulip fields, and almost too many charms to mention. But we’ll try anyway.

Key Locations

  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Rotterdam
  • Noordwijk
  • Utrecht

Let’s start with the architecture. Amsterdam’s city center has remained relatively unaltered since the 17th century, when the city’s iconic canal belt was engineered. Colorful, storybook-worthy buildings line the canals, lending even more charm to its cobblestone streets. Rotterdam is a slightly more modern city, due to the devastating effects of WWII, but it also offers lovely architecture, many museums, and a burgeoning foodie scene replete with indoor markets, unique restaurants, and a plethora of breweries.

As far as activities, the question is, what can’t you do in the Netherlands. Thankfully for event planners, the spectrum is wide in this freewheeling country. First, a trip to the tulip fields in Keukenhof is a do-not-miss activity. Then there’s the joy of exploring the city’s canals by boat, visiting a traditional Dutch village, meandering through museums to see works by the great Dutch Masters, and strolling through town to enjoy its storybook charm.

For those who want to leave the cities behind, the Netherlands’ North Sea is known for its endless sandy beaches, protective dykes and dunes, as well as a wide variety of water sports facilities. Be it incentive activities, media, acknowledgement, motivational trips, team-building, kick-offs or discovery activities, the Netherlands will keep the windmills turning for you.

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