North/Central America & Caribbean Destinations | Bahamas

Key Points for Planners

  • Fast and easy air or sea access from North America
  • Excellent choice in venues offer groups of all sizes and budgets


Pirates anchored in The Bahamas for good reason. These 700 islands sit like jewels at the feet of North America and everyone knows how pirates like treasure. It’s a tropical paradise so close that it takes under an hour to get there from the Florida coast. (Not via pirate ship, of course. We recommend a ferry or airplane.)

Key Locations

  • Nassau
  • Exuma
  • Paradise Island
  • Grand Bahama Island

The Bahamas has so much color and splendor it can legitimately claim the leggy, hot pink Flamingo as its national bird. Here the world’s top resort and hotel brands offer modern, sophisticated venues on pristine beaches beside a glittering Caribbean sea. Event guests may access every imaginable activity day or night – from casino gaming to bonfire beach parties to elegant soirees in opulent settings. That’s why the 16 major islands of The Bahamas present an ideal location for events.

Activities are as plentiful as The Bahamas’ sandy beaches. Deep sea

fishing. Golf. Sailing, diving and snorkeling around colorful fish, reefs and shipwrecks. Thrilling jet skis and power boats. The wonders in Blue Holes National Park. Dolphin and shark encounters. Swim-in caves or uninhabited island excursions. They’ve even got cute swimming pigs on Exuma for those who say they’ve seen everything.

Bahamian culture is rich, joyous and found at every harbor stop in this sprawling paradise. Local arts and artisans flourish here where batik and woodcarving are trademarks. The pinnacle Bahamian experience may

well be a Junkanoo; a biannual carnival featuring flamboyant costumes and dance.

Event planners won’t find a destination with easier access that offers more for M.I.C.E. groups. The Bahamas is among the most exciting, creative locations for incentive and event travel with a range of quality facilities, top-notch infrastructure, and dependable services to handle groups of any size.

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