Pacific Destinations | Fiji

Key Points for Planners

  • Hilton opened 2 new properties in Fiji in 2016
  • First-class facilities, spas, resorts, and quality dining options make Fiji the ultimate island destination for MICE groups.


Say the word “Fiji,” and nine times out of ten, it will evoke images of tranquil seas, ivory beaches, and a hammock strung between palm trees. Surrounded by shimmering turquoise water and adorned with jade-green lagoons and emerald mountainsides, this island country in the middle of the South Pacific is truly a paradise.

Key Locations

  • Nadi
  • Davui Island
  • Denarau Island
Fiji Islanders are a most welcoming people. You will arrive to their heartfelt greeting, “Ni Sa Bula,” which simply means, “Welcome to Fiji!” The country is brimming with local charm and cultural diversity throughout its 300 tropical islands. It’s a place as richly varied and diverse as the friendly residents, with plenty of activities and diversions to satisfy any group’s wishlist.
Plan a visit to rural Fijian villages for an immersive local experience, where your guests can try some of the local delicacies, including grilled mahi mahi, kokoda (Fijian ceviche) served in a coconut shell, or cassava chips. Or fill your itinerary with visits to museums, galleries, orchid farms, and local markets.
If your group is more actively minded, they’ll appreciate all the opportunities to go sailing, paddleboarding, sea-kayaking, ziplining, swimming, diving, sportfishing and more. However you choose to plan your trip to Fiji, your attendees will come away with a mindful of experiences that evoke the most beautiful memories.

Introducing Southern World, our Exceptional Partner in Fiji

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You can expect the Southern World team to delight you. They are dedicated, hard-working, obsessed with providing exceptional customer service, and continually learning more about the destinations they love.

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