South America Destinations | Brazil

Key Points for Planners

  • 20+ hotels were built in 2016 for the Olympic Games
  • Modernized transportation & airports in Rio de Janeiro
  • New Four Seasons hotel recently opened in São Paulo
  • Visitors now enjoy visa-free entry into Brazil
  • New, sustainable, and upscale lodges for groups coming to the Amazon jungle


Brazil is a natural wonder of wonders. Larger than the continental U.S., its 5,000 miles of white sand beaches and abundant natural beauty are bathed in warm tropical sunshine every day of the year. And the climate seems to have imbued its locals with the same warming light: You will find that Brazilian sunshine beams within the people themselves.

Key Locations

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguassu Falls
  • Salvador
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Manaus/ Amazon
  • São Luis/ Maranhão
  • Pantanal
  • Recife
  • São Paulo
A paradise of cultural contrasts, Brazil offers everything from opulent cityscapes to the more traditional culture found in its baroque colonial towns and villages. The chance to engage in a variety of experiences makes it a varied and exciting place for groups. Your attendees can take part in carnival parades, learn traditional dances, engage in outdoor adventures, or simply relax in the midst of astounding natural beauty.
Brazil is a natural beauty endowed with towering waterfalls, the Amazon rainforest, thousands of miles of white sand beaches and dunes connected by azure lagoons. The world’s most colorful birds and brilliant flowers sweep across the country’s landscape … it’s swoonworthy. This is a destination with enough to delight and engage even the most experienced travelers. Its diverse offering of hotel accommodations ranges
from luxury resorts to cabins deep in the Amazon rainforest. MICE Planners will be especially pleased to note that Visa-free entry is now granted to travelers to Brazil from the US and many other countries. Brazil is a fascinating destination, especially for groups who are looking for something unique and exciting. Once your attendees experience the warmth of Brazil and its welcoming people, they’ll leave with renewed spirits and indelible memories.

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