United States Destinations | Louisiana

Key Points for Planners

  • Gastronomy is a top attraction in New Orleans
  • Central U.S. location means easy access from all compass points
  • Temperate weather all year long


C’mon baby, let the good times roll! Could a city have a better motto? In the Big Easy, New Orleanians make letting the good times roll a way of life. The people and culture of New Orleans are distinct from other cities in the United States.

Key Locations

  • New Orleans
  • The French Quarter
  • Preservation Hall
  • Bourbon Street
The city’s diversity comes from a blend of the culture and traditions of Native Americans: French and Spanish colonists; Acadians (Cajun) from Nova Scotia; Irish, German, and Italian immigrants; Haitians, Africans, Vietnamese, and Central Americans. As a result, the culture here is like a gumbo—everything mixes together and creates a unique and amazing flavor. Some of the best food and live music you will ever experience is found in New Orleans and it is everywhere.
You won’t have time to check out every jazz club, but you’ll be tempted to. And the food? From Cajun to Creole, gumbo to po’ boys, and sazerac to the Hurricane (a sweet and potent rum/passion fruit mashup), New Orleans is home to so many signature dishes and cocktails, you may not have the time to try them all. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s Mardi Gras here every day,
and most residents have a whole wardrobe full of costumes—beads, boas, masks, wigs—for all the festivals and events to celebrate. If that wasn’t enough to make a visit here a no-brainer, the birthplace of jazz is also home to a world-class philharmonic orchestra, ballet and other dance companies, both touring and locally produced theater, and a rich array of museums and art exhibitions.

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