United States Destinations | Nevada

Key Points for Planners

  • 150,000 hotel rooms mean there’s no shortage of space if you plan ahead
  • Las Vegas activity is 24/7


What can we say about Las Vegas? Its reputation certainly precedes itself. The “Entertainment Capital of the World” has earned its title with bright lights, top-name entertainment, world-renowned cuisine, indulgent spas, glittering casinos, luxury hotels, exciting recreational activities, and enough Elvis-sightings to last until the twelfth of never … what isn’t Las Vegas known for?

Key Locations

  • Hoover Dam
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Red Rock Canyon National Park
Well, it’s not known for lots of things, as it turns out—like incredible rock climbing, national conservation areas, stunning views, Jeep tours, helicopter rides to its neighbor, The Grand Canyon … who knew? If the lights of Las Vegas’ famous Strip start causing optical distress, nearby Mt. Charleston and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area provide a welcome respite.

There is no escaping the famous Las Vegas Strip. Lined with replicas of The Phoenix, The Eiffel Tower, wedding chapels, 24-hour restaurants, and more than 30 flashy mega-resort hotels and casinos, this homage to neon is as flashy as it gets. Venture past the dazzling lights and you might just be surprised with what you will find. Each grand building is a destination unto itself, bursting with magnificent amenities and attractions to satisfy anyone under the sun.

New hotel properties appear each year, with each one rivaling the next for incomparable luxury and experience. Each offers any combination of space you may require, accommodating groups and events of all sizes. While it might be appropriate to leave some things in Vegas, your guests will create experiences and memories you’ll want to share with everyone.

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