United States Destinations | Washington D.C. / Maryland / Virginia

Key Points for Planners

  • Three airports serve the area
  • Non-stop flights are available from almost any U.S. city

Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia

The. White. House. It’s such an iconic and celebrated seat of government that those three simple words are all that is needed to name America’s Presidential palace (as it was once called) in Washington, D.C. This city is the place where the world’s business is discussed. This is the gathering place for jet-setters, movers, and shakers. This is where America’s greatest treasures are stored, memorialized, and preserved.

Key Locations

  • The White House
  • Capitol Hill
  • Mount Vernon
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • The Washington Monument
  • Veterans Memorials
  • National Mall
One of the world’s most talked-about destinations, The District (as Washington, D.C., and its surrounds are affectionately known) attracts nearly 18 million visitors each year. From its notable landmark monuments to its diverse, culturally rich neighborhoods, there is more to see, experience, and do here than there is time in even the longest lifetime.
Perhaps The District’s greatest attraction, outside of the pretty house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., is the Smithsonian. America’s world-famous national museum is not one, but 19 museums spread out across the National Mall and it is a treasure trove of eye-popping finds. Best of all, admission is free. A walkable downtown, plenty to see outdoors, premier shopping in CityCenterDC, are only part of the draw.
The District is a foodie’s paradise with tantalizing restaurant choices (16 of them having earned Michelin stars) featuring chef-driven cuisine that showcases global flavors. Washington, D.C. is a favored year-round MICE destination; meeting planners report record-high attendance for their programs. There is ample event space available throughout the area, and more quality and luxury hotel choice than you can wave a flag at.

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