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France Connection manages group events anywhere and everywhere in France and Monaco. These are some of the most popular destinations and cities for group events:

  • Paris
  • Nice
  • Bordeaux
  • Cognac
  • Normandy
  • Provence
  • Cannes
  • Monaco

Introducing France Connection, our exceptional partner in France and Monaco

Located in the heart of Paris, our exceptional DMC partner in France has been named “the most creative agency of the year.” And deservedly so. Throughout 25 years of event creation, this DMC has shown its penchant for unusual or exclusive locations and has explored every kind of interpretation imaginable—from classical to over-the-top audacious. This team’s signature blend of the unusual and a certain art of hospitality creates the kind of magic usually reserved for the silver screen.
Focusing exclusively on France and Monaco, this team’s creativity is acknowledged unanimously throughout the profession, whether they’re producing a major event of considerable size (up to 15K persons) or a much smaller and more intimate meeting or incentive trip. Let France Connection be the architect of your Incentive travels, seminars, conferences, and corporate events.

From conception to project management through to its completion, your event will sparkle and shine with France Connection’s inimitable je ne sais quoi.

Looking to plan an event in France or Monaco? Contact us and we’ll work with France Connection to deliver a proposal for an exceptional event!

Here's what clients & planners say about France Connection

“Hi, my fantastic France Connection team! Your work, efforts and support is very valuable for me/my team and our company. I am looking forward to another exciting journey with you guys. Once again, thank you for everything.“

Linda H.K.,
Senior Manager, International Technology Brand

“I sincerely wish to thank you and your team for your outstanding delivery of our event in Paris and Monaco. Already guests are suggesting that it was the best program ever.“

Tony N.,
Managing Director, Marketing Group