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Coltur manages group events anywhere and everywhere in  Peru. These are some of the most popular destinations and cities for group events:

PERU: Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, Lake Titicaca

Introducing Coltur our exceptional partner in Peru.

For more than 60 years, Coltur has been Peru’s specialists and one of the pioneers in tourism in the country. This makes them what they are today: An excellent Destination Management Company, with years of experience, and a wonderful team of people who use cutting edge technology.

They have access to venues and places that are unique in Peru and incorporate this in their creative proposals.

Coltur prides themselves on their professional marketing materials, which always helps sell the destination to your clients.

During the years Coltur has brought quality and creativity to a top level and have built an excellent network of suppliers. They are very proud of the fact that their company has been family-owned and managed for three generations.

Coltur is passionate about and proud of their magical country and can’t wait to show you the best of Peru.

Looking to plan an event Peru? Contact us and we’ll work with Coltur to deliver a proposal for an exceptional event!

Here's what planners say about Coltur

“The success of the America’s Society trip to Peru was largely ensured by the fine work of the COLTUR Peru staff. From the moment we arrived in Lima every detail of our complicated agenda was monitored. Our thanks and gratitude to COLTUR Peru.”

Everett E.B..,
Ambassador, America’s Society

“… I knew instantly that my program was in the best hands, and they were so patient with me as I learned the ropes. They are so transparent and honest with how things are best done. Then, I got to finally visit the beautiful country and meet the team in person, and somehow, I was even more blown away. …”

Helen Provenzano,
Meeting Event Manager, Maritz Global Event